NetAXS-123 Video Add On Kit

Allows you to add video to NetAXS-123.

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Adding video to your access control system doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. The NetAXS-123 Video Add-on Kit allows you to bring video functionality to any NetAXS-123 panel. This gives you the capability to view live video and record video without investing in an NVR or DVR. Video recording is triggered by access control events that you define, so continuous recording is not needed. It’s an easy and affordable way to integrate video to verify your access control alarms and events.

NetAXS-123 with video is ideal for sites with one, two or three doors, and it’s scalable so you can add doors as your needs change. It offers a more advanced way to help you instantly confirm your access control events and alarms to help prevent losses.

You can view live video and retrieve and export stored video, and you can easily check in on your business anytime via the Internet Explorer web browser, without the need for special video playback or viewer software. And because video is recorded only when events occur, you don’t need expensive storage. NetAXS-123 is Simple. Scalable. Flexible. And now with video it’s even better.


System Highlights

  • No NVR or DVR required
  • Records video when events occur – reduces need for extensive storage
  • Retrieve and export stored video
  • View live video and record from up to three cameras
  • Monitor video from sites using the same NetAXS-123 web interface

Typical Applications

  • Pharmacies
  • Day care centres
  • Clinics